Saturday, April 17, 2021

Family Milestones and Book Inspirations

 Big Family Milestones and Great News

My son is 17years old and now is a Private Glider Pilot and a college graduate with a BS in Information Systems and Marketing. We homeschooled him and 2 of his 3 siblings while working full time outside of the home. So, know that all those days that are hard, that the kids don't want to learn from you, that if you are loving them and are flexible, they will do incredible things

Dreams: Going to the Olympics for Breakdancing, landing an internship to pay for his 1st car, and getting his Commercial Glider's Pilot License and Instructor's Glider's Pilot License

My daughter is 20years old, just finished her MS in Data Analytics and works as a Data Scientist.
Drop over to her Graphic Design and Art business at

Dreams: Finish her own book series, Web Comic Series and Video Games

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