Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Marketing Beyond The BookStore

I remember when I first started pursuing publishing. My main goal was to have a booksigning in a brick and mortar store. That was how I knew I’d accomplished something. It was to me ‘a must do’. However, now the climate for selling books have changed and the bookstores are no longer the main venue for selling your book.


When I first started out, the bookstore signings were on the horizon, but I had to find other places to sign and sell books. Now more than ever, I’m having to revisit those venues unlike I’d ever expected.

Yes, I made it into the BOOKSTORE to sign my book, but now there are less and less signings at bookstores, especially for Indie authors for some reason.

So here are the new venues I’m aiming for now (funny how I’ve come full circle in my Marketing).

ECLECTIC stores that sell books and other wares
CONS and other EVENTS

YOUR BOOK BUYING HABITS now that bookstores are changing?

So if you were to ask yourself, do you still purchase all your books from the bookstore – would you say yes?

Where then? Also, if you were at an event and saw a book or author you were interested in, would you purchase there?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Romance is in the air! Excerpt from THUNDERING LUV!

Here's an tease scene from Thundering Luv, without giving it all away.

Book Description:

Jewel has always been able to get the guy she wanted. The starting jock on the football team, the team captain on the basketball team, and the lead swimmer on the swim team. Problem is, she didn't find them the least bit exciting. Was she cold or a she-wolf for guys? Colin thought so, and he'd do anything to bring her down a peg or two. When these two collide on the sandy beach during their mixed up summer vacation, sparks fly, making this a summer neither will forget.


From Colin, leading man in Thundering Luv!

Colin’s chest muscles twitched and it felt like her hand burned through his t-shirt to his skin. He stepped back. “Uh, can I talk to you a minute?”
            Jewel frowned up at him. “I. Um?”
            He had to fight the urge to pull her close and kiss her full lips, the birthmark on the curve of her neck she tried to fade. So, he placed his hand on hers, taking a deep breath to refocus his jumbled thoughts.
            Megs called from behind him, “Hurry up, Jewel! You’re missing the previews.” Megs peeked around Colin’s arm and grabbed Jewel’s wrist. “It’s your favorite part,” she chortled in a sing-song voice and tugged Jewel away from him and into the front room.
            He grunted. Then he went into the kitchen to grab a soda for Taylor. When he cleared the threshold into the room, Jewel sat alone in the only chair, smiling at the previews on the TV. He wanted her, he shouldn’t, but he did. What was wrong with him? He’d accused her of so many things, but he wasn’t any better.

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