Friday, August 22, 2014

You Will be able to find my books in the Caymans!

Books & Books Grand Cayman

It was a pleasant visit and surprise when I visited this lovely bookstore while on vacation in the Grand Caymans!

As an author and avid reader I enjoy dropping into local bookstores when I travel.

In doing so, I purchase books and look for other books from my fellow authors who I've known throughout my publishing journey.

While visiting Books & Books I chatted with one of the employees as I was purchasing books and mentioned that I was an author. She immediately looked up my books and offered me her manager's information regarding them carrying some of my books there.

The truth is, I never even considered the thought that they would want to purchase my books, but talking to people and getting to know them makes a big difference in their support of you. As a person and an author.

Needless to say, I am honored that this wonderfully welcoming store will be carrying my books alongside my great friend and awesome author, Hugh Howey's Wool series.

Share with how unexpected opportunities have found themselves to you?

My character's always have these, it's nice when I do too!