Monday, January 22, 2018

Discovering New Places As A Writer

Since being a writer means I spend large amounts of time in front of my laptop, I have to allow myself the opportunity to explore places in creative ways, while in my personal space.
Here’s some ways I love to go on adventures from my desk to help me build some of the worlds I develop in my stories.


Artist are creative souls. I enjoy the color, textures and expression of all forms of art. I spend hours sometimes walking through and absorbing art at various local museums or art festivals. I take notes, ask the artist about their pieces and allow myself to imagine certain inspired works as living things.


I search youtube to explore trip reports from people that share specifics about being an ‘insider’ or ‘visitor’ to a new place that seems interesting or that I want to delve deeper into for my story idea. Sometimes it makes me so interested in a place that I decide to visit there for an exploration vacation.


I enjoy creating a collage that I work from of the places, creatures and people that I want to explore in a story I am writing or thinking about. I may just sit and look at that place for hours while jotting down notes.


I use music list to use while I am writing that I believe gives the feel for each one of my characters. I write to the music or play it as I am thoughtful about my collage of the world I am building.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My New Non-Fiction Book Planned for 2018

Empowered Steps

Is an endeavor that's been teasing the back of my mind for the longest. Many peers and friends have told me I should write a book on how I get motivated to do so much, experience so much, accomplish so much. Being an engineer, author, mother of four, homeschooling mom with kids who completed college way before what's considered normal, wife and entrepreneur has been challenging.

Truth be told, I never really sat down to consider that what I was doing for myself, my friends, my peers, my kids was anything special ~ until many people told me it was.

So in order to share several series of what I considered successes in life, I am starting to speak and coach people on  how to create their own Empowered Steps. There will be a series of books released that focus on aspects where we can empower ourselves.


Please take some time to visit my website, facebook page, and blog. Be inspired this coming year.

Empowered Steps Blog:
Empowered Steps Website:


I am hosting some feeler events in January 2018 in Oahu, HI. Then plan on having an event in May in Maryland. The website will be updated with additional events as they are scheduled.


The book is planned on releasing in the Spring. I am having some beta readers and active participants go through the book and put in action my methods explained there. 

Spring 2018 is the target date. Stay tuned for cover reveal.