Monday, January 22, 2018

Discovering New Places As A Writer

Since being a writer means I spend large amounts of time in front of my laptop, I have to allow myself the opportunity to explore places in creative ways, while in my personal space.
Here’s some ways I love to go on adventures from my desk to help me build some of the worlds I develop in my stories.


Artist are creative souls. I enjoy the color, textures and expression of all forms of art. I spend hours sometimes walking through and absorbing art at various local museums or art festivals. I take notes, ask the artist about their pieces and allow myself to imagine certain inspired works as living things.


I search youtube to explore trip reports from people that share specifics about being an ‘insider’ or ‘visitor’ to a new place that seems interesting or that I want to delve deeper into for my story idea. Sometimes it makes me so interested in a place that I decide to visit there for an exploration vacation.


I enjoy creating a collage that I work from of the places, creatures and people that I want to explore in a story I am writing or thinking about. I may just sit and look at that place for hours while jotting down notes.


I use music list to use while I am writing that I believe gives the feel for each one of my characters. I write to the music or play it as I am thoughtful about my collage of the world I am building.


Kelly Hashway/Ashelyn Drake said...

I wish I could write to music, but it distracts me. I need silence.

Crystal Collier said...

I think the more you get out and live, the more vivid your writing becomes, but in lieu of thousands of dollars for travel, the internet is amazing. I'm constantly searching images, pulling up audio files, or researching places and times to add authenticity to my work.