Friday, September 18, 2009

MY GUILTY PLEASURES – Going to the movies

I have several guilty pleasures. Simple things that I just don’t think I would survive if for some reason they were taken away. Okay, here they are; chocolate, writing, traveling and going to the movies.

Before I started promoting my book, we went to the movies every Friday. My husband and I were the head critiques of the movies we viewed and would ask the kids (the time that they would accompany us) their opinions.

This week was the first time I have gone to the movies with my family in months, and I have been suffering because of it. So today, I took off of work, and after I ran all of my errands, I called my husband to play hooky from his job and join me to see the movie 9.

Now, just so you know, I am an easy going movie critic. I go to the movies simply to be entertained. My expectations on plot depend on my expectations of a movie. If it’s Horror, Sci-Fi, Action Adventure or Animated I don’t expect the plot to be strong. Quite frankly for those types of movies, I just want an awesome ride.

My Movie Review of 9

Truthfully I don’t really seek out Tim Burton’s twisted tales. I mistakenly took my scaredy-cat daughter to see Caroline and she was never the same (LOL). This time, I didn’t take her. I took my husband.

Of course it was dark, and there was a story line based on the twisted fate of humanity over machines and saving the human soul. Truth be told I enjoyed it, but I would only give it a lukewarm rating like 2.5 stars. I was disappointed in the ending, and the action was just okay. I really think that they had an opportunity to do so much more for the movie, but to be honest my expectations weren’t that high so I just simply enjoyed being enveloped in this tale.

After that movie, I went home and watched THE MATRIX to get my high action fix for the weekend.

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