Thursday, January 28, 2010

Legion (Movie Review)

I am a movie fanatic. Usually go anytime I can. I went to see Legion thinking it was going to be an awesome war scene with the good and bad angels – I was mistaken. I must say I was very disappointed in this movie. It must have been relatively low budget because most of the movie took place in a diner.

Now with that said, I still enjoyed it. It had some good points like the irony between Gabriel and Michael’s purpose. The fact that the girl carrying the baby (who was the hope for the future of mankind) didn’t even want the baby, of course she changed her mind. The movie dropped positive message amid the chaos and attacks of the fallen angels, which showed some depth to the characters. These things kept me in my seat watching.

So, if you are thinking about a movie that you may want to see on video – this one is it. I give this movie 1.5 stars.

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