Wednesday, June 22, 2011



I’m hosting YALITCHAT tonight (use twitter hashtag #yalitchat Wed, 9pm 6/23) to follow. I’ll be hosting Author Confessions where we all confess to the evil things we’ve done to our main characters.


Let’s face it, growth is painful. Very painful. In order to develop and grow our characters through the readers eyes – we must create trails, tribulations and odd situations for them. Those situations should be realistically displayed and work within the story but should be used to show either strength, growth, reaction, thoughts, or set ups that build the relationship with the character and the reader.

Also, we authors create these situations because it’s just darn fun :-D Oops! Did I say that?


Well, if you can’t make it tonight to the chat, you may as well here the truth from me personally.

Here’s my confessions:

EXPLORER X – ALPHA (Middle Grade Series) – I confess to genetically altering my Aadi (my MC), making his parents betray him by keeping an awful secret, cutting him, enslaving him, blackmailing him, altering his body, kidnapping his crush, capturing him in war…to name just a few.

THE PACK – (Upper YA) – I confess to making Shamira (my MC) blind, kidnapping her brother, shooting her, stabbing her, beating her up, trying to blow her up with landmines…sigh, I’m so bad.

BANDITS – (Upper YA) – I confess to murdering Daniel’s father (my MC) trying to eat him, burning him, breaking his fingers, sucking the blood out of his brother and girlfriend, kidnapping his family, trying to burn him in a boiling sea…and I haven’t even really gotten started with all the naughty things I’ve done to him.
Truly I would be sorry if doing these things didn’t create my flawed, a bit on the angry side characters and turn them into heros – but it was just too darned fun!



Crystal Collier said...

That's a whole lot of mean! (Juicy mean.)

One of my most recent MC's is being secretly forced to kill her best friend's newborn (at the birth) or die herself.

Kelly Hashway said...

Oh you're going to make me feel guilty if I list all the bad things I've done! Okay, I just list a few.
-permanently scarred my characters
-broken my characters' hearts
-separated my characters from loved ones
-made my characters endure mind blowing pain
-tried to drown my characters
-killed my characters

Um, I'm going to stop there because I'm looking like a terrible person right now.

Dawn Brazil said...

Let's see: Chloe
- her boyfriend is killed and she finds his body
- A spell is put on her mother to make her make Chloe's life hell
- She keeps getting killed in her dreams
- She learns her whole life is a lie
- She gets into a mean fight with a very unscrupulous villian
- The meanest girl in school was cheating with her boyfriend but now that he's dead she has her eyes on Chloe's new man

I could keep going - but I won't. Great - fun - post LM.

Marilyn Almodóvar said...

Is it mean of me to LOOOOVE this post?

Spheres; MC Jo discovered that her dad was not such a nice guy. He was part vampire, and he forced her to be with another vampire in order to do really bad things. He also controlled Jo's mother so much, that the woman had very little interaction with her daughter.

Human Flesh: I pushed an Angel from Heaven who landed on the MC's car as a fallen. Then they were hunted by Fallens and Angels alike trying to kill them.

The Haunted Orphan: The mc's twin sister got killed by the spirit was vengeful so there was a lot of hurting my MC.

Ein Drache: The MC finds out she's a phoenix, that the guy she crushes on is both unattainable and a dragon, that her parents were kidnapped and that her sister might have to die XDD

Just Human: MC has discovered she's not a Just Human but an unnatural with special powers, and that the guy she loves... well they can't ever be together, or she'll be electrocuted because his body is a conductor of lightning.

I'll stop there, I feel really evil now XDD

Rik Davnall said...

I kicked off my current project with my MC's death and things got worse from there (for him, anyway). The low point was probably making him break his own arm because it was the only way for him to prove his new super-strength...

LM Preston said...

Oh this is so good! Keep it coming :-D I hope to see you all on twitter tonight.

cleemckenzie said...

Enjoyed Chat last night. Will write today with that evil "happy face" you've got on this post as my muse. My poor characters!