Monday, April 16, 2012

DID YOU OVER Book? Commit? Plan this Year?

OH BOY did I ever!!! Lol!

But I'm just that way. Always adding more and more and more to my plate. Now I'm saying - STOP :-D


So what were your original goals for the new 2012 year? Well I set out to write 3 books. Only 3. It wasn't much, it's my typical output each year for the last 3 years - BUT....


My kid is graduating from both High School and EMT certification programs. He's going to 2 proms. My youngest son is asserting his 8yr old authority in class. My day gig (mildly cover to my super hero tendencies) just promoted me, which means I get more and more work (which to be honest I love since I do enjoy my day gig a lot). My oldest daughter is running her first 5k, is starting to take track seriously, and is taking 2 college courses in the summer! My youngest daughter has decided she wanted mommy to help her write her book - and she's #1 right?

Oh, then I decided to volunteer. I became a board member of the Mid Atlantic Book Publishers Association (didn't plan that at all - but am loving it!) Oh and I volunteered to recruit Literary Agents and Editors for the Maryland Writer's Association - great fun. Oh and I'm helping out on YALITCHAT as a Moderator - love that too since I get to connect with other YA and MG writers.

Two book releases in 1 year...Oh my goodness - insane!


I did it again. I added more, and more, and more. Now I have started writing a Short Story - Flutter of Luv - and started it as an exercise for my Writing Group (oh did I forget to mention I'm in a Writing Critique Group?). Well that 1 short story has turned into 12 short stories (7 of which I'm completely finished with).

So I added that as a book release for this year - another thing to promote. Oh, and my publisher partner, he told me we are giving The Pack (Book 1) a facelift to prepare for a big promo for The Pack-Retribution (Book 2) eek!

Oh, and I volunteered to be the Twitter Chat host for MBPA, and the Events & Festivals planner, and to help out with the Speaker selection with MWA - - shoot me now!

JUST DEAL WITH IT - and start to say NO.

Well now that I started all of these balls rolling, I'm having to exercise the power of 'NO'.

I'm hoping to finish my 3 books this year, but I'm already a bit behind. Maybe I did it to take my mind off of querying of my new paranormal series? - Yeah, that's why I was so determined to keep myself busy.

I've got to finish all of my goals this year. I'm just picky that way. But next year - I'll be more realistic and slower in my taking on of projects (I hope, I really am going to try this time)

SO HOW ARE YOU DOING ON YOUR GOALS? Did Life burst in and throw you for a loop? Did you over book?


Kelly Hashway said...

Wow, LM. I don't know how you do it! I think you really do have a superhero cape. ;)

Catherine Stine said...

Your kids sound like they're doing great things, and supporting them creatively is a great thing. That said, a mother does have to set personal goals. It's always a juggling act. I've gotten more firm in setting boundaries. And yeah, I hoped to start my sequel to FO like, last month! Ha! I also cleared off my old oil paint table--suddenly I was in a mood to start painting again--a thing I have not allowed myself to do since I was published. I'm going to limit myself to finishing up one large painting of Nicolae Tesla, and painting one new one.... oh, and I'm off to a hotel tomorrow to start the sequel. Alone!

cleemckenzie said...

Here's to one exciting ride, LIM. I'm just learning the word NO. A little late, I fear to save me from March madness and April angst, but maybe in time to settle down for May mellow!

Tabitha Olson said...

You and I are peas in a pod, because I always manage to overbook myself. :) I'm not fond of sitting around doing nothing, but I tend to think I can do more than I actually can.

Actually, I would probably be fine if nothing ever went wrong, but something *always* goes wrong. And then I'm scrambling to finish it all. Maybe one of these days I will find that balance. *snicker*

Miss Beth said...

I arrived here from Book blogs and I love your blog. I love folks that are real! Anyway have put the Pack on my tbr list and may I invite you to follow my blog as well at:
Any and all followers are most welcome! Thanks so much in advance and don't forget your "me time"'s as important as the run, run, run time. :)

Charmaine Clancy said...

Can absolutely relate. I've taken time off from teaching this year so I can get my books ready for publication and so, naturally, I volunteer to teach one day a week at my daughters school. Love that because I get to connect with the kids, but with all the writing workshops, editing, my crazy new fitness routine, kids etc etc etc, I can't fit in one more thing (but of course I will).
Wagging Tales

KarenG said...

Yep, overbooking sounds very familiar. My brain usually handles it for me, by not sleeping, and then stealing those hours to catch up.

LM Preston said...

I know I haven't figured out when to say 'No' to stop myself. But I think for this year I'm going to do better.


Wow !! awesome. Well nuthing much to say, just wish u gud luck with ur goals....:)N don't work too hard .