Friday, August 3, 2012

Do YOU Pinterest? YA INDIE CARNIVAL asks


Yep, the new social media thing that everyone is talking about. I do it sometimes and it's fun. However, lately with all the buzz about copywritten pictures and the use thereof, I now only post book covers with links to those books and my very own pictures taken from my adventures and inspiration of my books.

But it's fun. Fun. and more Fun.

So if you do some pinning, friend me, I'll follow you and eh, we'll dive into beautiful pictures that take us on a visual vacation.

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My book baby, BANDITS is free this week!

BANDITs by LM Preston is for FREE, it just hit the #3 spot on Amazon Best Seller in YA, Action & Adventure!

Grab your FREE COPY from amazon here: BANDITS on Amazon FREE, BANDITS on Barnes & Noble FREE, BANDITS on Smashwords FREE

PLEASE, 'LIKE' the book on amazon if you download a free copy, I would be greatly humbled by it.

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