Thursday, June 27, 2013

Indie Author Series: Distribution List for Books, Blogs, Emails

What are the ways to distribute your Books, Blog Address and hey build your email list?

Well let me count the ways!

Distribute Your BOOKS

By yourself - This has got to be the hardest ways to sell books. But even I do it a little. When I have request for signed books, they come from the bookshelf in my house where I have at least ten books of each that I've written. But there are other authors that house many more printed copies of their books and fulfill orders out of their home or storage areas to mail off to buyers.

Use A distributor - I use Bookmaster, a friend of mine uses IPG and there are tons of other distributors that support small independent publishers and even self-publisher by making their books easily accessible to Bookstores, Libraries, Createspace, Lightening Source and other retail venues. For ebooks, I also use Smashwords, Bookbaby, Amazon, B&N, iTunes and many more.

Share Your Blog Love

Blog Hops and Virtual Events - Participation in a blog hop, a book tour, and most all virtual events gain your blog visibility. Even if you join in Facebook and Twitter Parties, chats, and networking.

Build Your Newsletter

Invitations to Learn More - Burst your newsletter numbers by inviting friends, fans, and those who want to know more about you to sign up for your newsletter. Creating an invitation on Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, You Email Footer, Your Blog, Your Website and anywhere you hang out.


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