Friday, January 23, 2015

Keep Writing When It's Unpopular

Yep, this is real talk. Nowadays those booms of authors who sought to make millions are falling off like a stack of potatoes.

But there are those of us who are 'Writing On' because the passion is way too deep to stop.


1. Set aside your write time daily.

2. Join a writer's group or organization that puts you in front of other writers on a weekly basis. Being around other positive influences usually gives you the motivation to continue on your path.

3. Make a schedule and goal list.

4. Post your writing goals, project list, and progress. Having it in sight reminds you to redirect to writing.

5. Participate in writerly online chats (set a time limit so you don't cut into your writing time).

6. Beta read for other authors. This also keeps you motivated and sharpens your editing skills.

LASTLY, just keep writing.

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