Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Staying Relevant in an Ever Changing Publishing Market

Writing and Sharing My Books Is My Passion

This year in publishing has been extremely challenging. Amazon and CreateSpace made changes which cause my books to be offline.

Print Books with Print-On-Demand (POD)

Createspace used to offer this to small press and self-published authors as a means to cheaply print books and which were affordable to readers and still allowed the author or small press to make a profit. Well, they were bought by Amazon (the ever eating giant) and the choice was to move books to Amazon platform under KDP (POD) print, then link your ebook to the paperback book from Createspace or move your books to InstagramSpark.

KDP POD tried to make it simple, but the problem is, they have mixed up many of my accounts to the point I had to call them 2 times and to be honest, they duplicated my account, but each has a different password. The ridiculous part of this is, they said they have to keep both and I just have to remember the 'new' password. That new account is also unlinked my Author Central Account. It is a mess.

Other Fall Out From Amazon Changes

There is a new law on the books about Third Party responsibility of a website. Amazon and other large platforms that have a social content to it, removed and censored many of their products, media and more. This isn't an exact science, but many websites are doing an overhaul. While doing this, amazon has kicked many, many authors off their platform, either by accident or meaningful as per their new rules.

How Phenomenal One Press Has Fared

We are updating our website to be able to take orders and deliver ebooks directly to our readers. We will still use distribution sites like Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes, but will also offer sales on our webpage with incentives for our readers there that won't be at any other website. It's a way of staying relevant and servicing our devoted readers.

New and Updated Website

So on January 1st, 2019, hop over to www.phenomenalonepress.com or www.lmpreston.com for a tour. Make sure to look at the store, which will have books, fan wear and more.