Monday, July 8, 2019

The Tip of The Mountain - Author Roundup

That's the face of a tired yet eager author

My monthly wrap up comes with me doing the one thing that I have to make myself stop - taking on a bit more than I can chew.

This past month I've been scrambling through hiring of two virtual assistants that weren't able to perform duties as assigned, then interviewing three additional ones only to decide to break the task I had planned for them to do up into pieces and attempt to do it myself - again.

How did that end up for me? Total chaos! Yet, in spite of that, my non-fiction book is starting to take on a bit of buzz magic and have hit the top 20 on Amazon's Best Seller's in its category at least 3 times in June.

This is the baby that caused such a stir birthing!
It's now on sale and the print copies are published

This is one book I am considering and researching doing in audio book. Although, I am thinking it will have to wait until later this year or next year.

Should I do the voice? Read it? OR >>>> Should I hire someone? What would you prefer?

With the book marketing planning being done, my overbooking didn't stop there. I started to do my edits, sent to proof-reader, and still have some minor fixes to add.

Since I don't have a Virtual Assistant that felt comfortable rounding up book reviewers, I did that myself also. I thought getting about twenty people would be great, well over three hundred inquired!

This is the course I just finished this month.

I finished uploading the modules for the course and it took a lot of late nights. Literally, I had to wait until everyone was out of the house or sleep. That meant going to bed at midnight to attempt to finish at least two modules a night.

Ah! The life of a business owner.

And guess what? I love it!

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