Saturday, May 22, 2010

Create Buzz: What?, When?, Why? and How?

by guest: Naomi Giroux, Author Advocate

Create 'buzz' we're told, but; What what is 'buzz'? How is it created? and Where do I start?

The simple answer is: 'buzz' is conversation, ; people talking about your topic, book or product. The more people talking, the louder the 'buzz' and the more potential buyers. The goal is to stimulate interest so your book/product will sell or you will get lots of traffic to your site.

How is the 'buzz' created? The concept of buzz means to talk to lots of people. If you think of a virus spreading from one person to two or three, then they each spread it to two or three more and so it grows. That is creating an epidemic, or in the case of talking, you have created 'buzz.'. The more networking you do, the more outlets you have to help you share information. The Social Media groups like Twitter, Gather, FaceBook and many more allow each of us to target groups that which share our interests and are willing to share with their groups things of interest to them. These groups are invaluable to creating 'buzz' for your project, but you have to be active in the groups for them to be willing to share. You know; supporting others, so they'll support you.

When should you begin to create 'buzz' and where do I you start? are both answered the same way. Identify groups you share interests with and join them. Actively post to the ones you find the most interesting; respond, comment, ask questions and learn who is in the group so you can follow them on their other sites. Now that you have established a network to talk to, begin talking about your book or project as the release date approaches. Invite them to pre-order, share insider tidbits, offer a contest for them, involve them in your excitement. Before the release date, you might want to offer to do guest interviews or blog posts on sites you especially connect with. You can create a blog tour by doing several guest spots within a set period of time. You let all your connections know about the guest spots coming up and after they appear and the hosts will do the same for you. All of this generates 'buzz', ; interest in you, your books/products.

To keep the 'buzz' going, stay actively connected to your networks and tell them about what you’re are doing, where you’re going, how your book/product is being received. Keep that stimulating conversation going.

Go out and create 'buzz'! Stimulate conversation about your book, interest, or product.

by Naomi Giroux, Author Advocate
Stimulating Conversation about your book
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Sa Toya said...

I lurve a good buzz :D

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I want to catch that epidemic. Great piece, LM.

LM Preston said...

Thanks ya'll :-D My guest Naomi rocks!

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It's all about the buzz!