Tuesday, May 25, 2010


While my teen son was getting ready to go to a party he had on several movie videos that he used to practice dances. My youngest son joined in and was doing a better job break dancing that my oldest – but hold the phone, why did my 6ft 2in, 300lb husband push them out of the way to show them how to spin on the floor. Okay, I almost lost my dinner. It was crack you up funny. Now for an old man three times his former size, he outdid both of those boys.


When I first started high school, I couldn’t dance. Had no rhythm. I remember my dancing fool of a cousin was determined to teach me the new dance craze and we hung out in his basement for hours Friday and Saturday until I learned the dances. When I nailed it, I showed off with him at the school dance as we stood side by side and pulled off this cool dance move that got us claps. After that, I was hooked and many of my girlfriends and I would practice pre-choreographed dance moves for parties and dances. I had my cool on and my confidence soared.

Today, my kid desires the same kind of attention. I watched him and my little 6yr old who idolizes his brother dance for hours to practice – the jerk, breakdance moves and create new ones. My son is now called out to dance at events that his friends attend. It’s gotten him some positive attention from the ladies also, lol! Which is why he told me he had to learn the dances in the first place.


Teen parties are fun to chaperone. Only problem is the heightened level of violence, possible drinking and definite smooching that can take place. Now a parent, I’m ever watchful of the mood of the crowd, and the amount of rubbing and grinding that the kids still try to do. I can’t believe that dance is still around – but now called something different. I also make sure the lights stay on to the chagrin of my kid. But oh, do I remember when I used to go to parties. The big event was when someone cut off the lights.

Tell me about some of your most fun teen party or embarrassing. My most embarrassing was when at 17ys old, I got caught kissing my friend (who now happens to be my husband) in the bathroom at his party by his …..mother. Talk about mortified. Now top that.


Buffy Andrews said...

The image of your husband showing his sons how to dance was priceless. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. A great way to start the day.

Kathy Bradey said...

Can't think of my most embarrassing. There have been a few ;)

Debra Driza said...

Hee, I STILL want to learn the new dances, lol! My bf and I were total goobers--we'd dress up in matching outfits and do random cartwheels and stuff at school dances, just because.... :D

And, OMG, apparently hubs used to break dance as well--but he's never shown me any--BOO!

Remilda Graystone said...

This post made me laugh! Hilarious. But, I've never actually been to a party before so I have no embarrassing stories to offer. I was the person (and still am) who preferred to stay inside and read or watch a movie instead.

I liked this post!