Thursday, October 28, 2010

Myself and I by Earl Sewell

Hello all! Please welcome teen guest reviewer Nyia! See what she has to say about MYSELF and I by EARL SEWELL.


Lately, Keysha feels like a magnet for trouble—especially boy trouble. Her last love interest turned out to be a major fraud, and her ex, Wesley, refuses to accept that they're finished. Swearing off relationships and concentrating on herself seems like her smartest move.

Then Keysha meets her new neighbor Jerry, who has every girl in town vying for a summer fling. Working as lifeguards together, Keysha realizes that Jerry has more to offer than a great car and a sexy smile, and the harder she tries to ignore him, the more interested he becomes. But is it Keysha that attracts him or the chase itself? And when the biggest party of the year gets dangerously out of line, and Wesley's jealous new girl pins the blame on Keysha, she'll learn exactly who she can trust. Only problem is, it might be too late to save herself….


I enjoyed this book and can sum it up to drama, drama, drama. Every girl I know have a crush on some guy that they can't have and Keysha feels the same way. I didn't read the other books yet, but this one made me want to check them out. The guy she likes seems a bit, I don't know, unrealistic because I don't know many teenage boys with all that stuff. But for the story sake, I liked the way he seemed better than the other choices of boys around. It also bothered me that a book with an African American girl has her getting in trouble with the law, I got mad with that one, but liked the character so much I read on. I give the book a 3 out of 5. I wasn't bored and liked the character and the message the author put in the story for young girls.

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