Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Plan B by Charnan Simon


Is this happily ever after? Lucy has her life planned out: she'll graduate and then join her boyfriend, Luke, at college in Austin. She'll become a Spanish teacher and of course they'll get married. So there's no reason to wait, right? They try to be careful. But then Lucy gets pregnant. Now, none of Lucy's options are part of her picture-perfect plan. Together, she and Luke will have to make the most difficult decision of their lives.


Plan B by Charnan Simon deals with a very difficult subject, teen pregnancy. It does so in a realistic manner. It's a quick read that gives the reader a glimpse into the challenges of finding out you are pregnant in high school. The main characters had a seemingly perfect high school love affair, that was greatly tested when Lucy finds out that love isn't as perfect as she thinks it is. She's always a planner, but this hiccup throws an awful blow to her future and her boyfriend's dreams. The story moves along pretty fast and you don't get to spend much time in their relationship before tragedy happens, but when it hits, you are able to see clearly the range of emotions Lucy experiences. I give this book a 3 out of 5 stars. A quick read that packs a punch of reality.

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Tracy said...

Sounds like a good contemporary story... though it has to be hard to make the reader feel connected to the main characters if you're not with them for long before the ish hits the fan.