Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Fandango Description
: Locked away, a young woman named Babydoll (Emily Browning) retreats to a fantasy world where she is free to go wherever her mind takes her. Determined to fight for real freedom, she finds four women -- Rocket, Blondie, Amber and Sweet Pea -- to join together and try to escape the terrible fate that awaits them. With a virtual arsenal at their disposal, the allies battle everything from samurais to serpents, while trying to decide what price they will pay for survival.


Let me just say I didn’t have high hopes for this one. But hey, it was STEAMPUNKish looking and I just wanted to check it out. Also, while on twitter, Cait, shouted out she loved it. So, I had to check it out. Let me say, I was not disappointed. There was a story of deceit, great feeling, and it was woven in several layers. So you had the reality, what really happened to Babydoll that placed her in a mental institution, then you had her 2nd layer of dreamscape that told the story of girls trapped in a brothel of sorts, then the 3rd layer was her and the others fighting for freedom in a Steampunk world that had a twist of everything you could imagine. Even my husband enjoyed it (not for the mini-skirts only that the women wore) for the fight scenes were simply awe inspiring beautiful. I give this a 4 our of 5 steam engines only because the ending was decent, but could have been better if they would have had her dream sequence with her dying but fighting in an all out battle to the death. (But hey, that may just be the writer in me being picky).

Baby Doll and her crew! I wish I was one :-D


salarsenッ said...

Sounds so interesting. When I first saw the film mentioned on TV, I didn't like it. However, I went to the theater this weekend and the trailer there was much different. I loved it. I guess I'll have to take the time to go see it. Thanks!

Kelly Hashway said...

I'm with salarsen. I saw the preview on TV and it was very unimpressive. I guess this is a case of the trailer not living up to the movie. Usually it's the other way around.

Dawn Brazil said...

The trailer looked okay to me. But just okay. I'm trying not to get to hyped up based on trailers anymore. I just saw I am number 4. I was a little disappointed. It wasn't awful, but it could have been better. I think I'll go see this, though. I adore action movies!

Melanie said...

i admit i kinda laughed at the trailer. I didn't really know what to make of it. looked cool and corny at the same time. you and i tend to have similar likes in movies, so if you say it was enjoyable, i'll probably like it too. cute girls that can kick ass? guess it doesn't take much to keep me entertained ;-)

Thanks for the review!

LM Preston said...

Oh, I have to tell you, I looked at the trailer and was like - no way, but when I went to the movie, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it.

Catherine Stine said...

Saw the preview and thought, eh, silly but kind of cool???!
So, thanks for your review. You've "talked" me into seeing it.

reading. writing. revolution. said...

i desperately hoped it would be as awesome as the trailer, but the story was barely attempted and the characters were uninteresting. most of the action was great in the dreams, and how everything actually happened even though they only showed it in the 2nd dream layer was pretty smart. otherwise, i was horribly disappointed, and i'd like to rewrite it myself.

Lia Keyes said...

Yep, enjoyed the way Babydoll escaped from her grim reality to two further heroine-empowering realities. Reminded me a bit of Pan's Labyrinth in that way.

Do you think this could work in a novel? Or is it restricted to visual storytelling?

LM Preston said...

Oh, Scott, lol, I totally understand, but since I figured it wouldn't be good, I was shocked that it entertained me. But then I don't look for too much depth in action movies.

Lia, I think it could work in a novel, but it would be tricky - really tricky. All levels would have to have depth, yet be connected flawlessly- which I think the movie kinda missed the mark on.