Friday, November 25, 2011

Madness-Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Have you ever been tempted to brave the long lines, the darkness of night, and the possible threat of being trampled to go to the sales event called BLACK FRIDAY?

Well I have. And when I think of the madness that encompasses the event I think of an old cheesy movie my kids love to watch every Christmas.


The Trailer is awesome :-D

A harried father decides to dream the impossible dream, to get that year's hot toy for his son just before Christmas Day.


These are the things that have happened to us on Black Friday sales of years past:

2011: My teenaged son attended his first Black Friday. Cut the line for a computer item and ran with it to my husband, only to be chased then tackled by four store employees, handcuffed then released. No lie! This really happened.

2009: I was pushed into the door of a store after the doors opened and the crowds rushed in to get the new game systems that were on sale for like 40% off.

2008: We camped out at the store for 4 hours before open only to be turned away as the store was full to capacity.

2005: Went with friends, did a football break and conquer to get all the toys we needed on sale. Only to forget my purse and have to call my husband while I was in line to drop off my money.


I don't know. Maybe for the rush, but mostly for the incredible deals. But after this year's event, I'm throwing in my BLACK FRIDAY towel and turning to..... CYBER TUESDAY. I think I'll have 3 computers set up and ready to make my Christmas sales purchases.

What do you think? Do you get caught in the madness?

Well DON'T (this is one of those do what I say and not what I do scenarios.) Trust me...after this year, I'm giving it up. I am...


Kelly Hashway said...

I've never participated in Black Friday. I have done Cyber Monday though. Two years ago, I got most of my shopping done on Cyber Monday.

Jessie Harrell said...

You're a brave woman. There's not enough savings in the world to make me face those lines and crowds. I am NOT a crowd person. You'll find me happily shopping from my computer.

Beth said...

We did a 4 am sale in 09 to get our wii half price. we got there at 3 & were in the back of the line but it went pretty smooth for a madhouse.

E. Arroyo said...

Oh shoot. I remember this movie. LOL. My husand broke night. I said, um, sorry but this madness is not for me. =)

Mardel said...

For most black Fridays, I've been broke, so that helps me stay away from the crazy. Even if I weren't broke though, after hearing the news about people being trampled, others fighting, some actually getting shot (this year), and the generally insane behaviour, I'd rather stay home and safe.

I remember a few years ago, making the mistake of going to Target for regular shopping on the weekend after Thanksgiving - no parking spaces and the anger of the people in the cars...oh man, you could almost see the anger rolling off people. Grandmotherly types snarling at people, moms with babies in the back seat swearing and cussing at other drivers...the world is insane during the shopping cycle of this "season of Peace and Goodwill toward men"'s kind of scary and sad. So I stay home, first with my kids, now with my grandkids and we do our normal playing around. When I get some money, I might go shopping, but I usually go during off hours, like 9 or 10 p.m. I hate crowds anyway.

And seriously - maybe you have a need for adrenaline rushes? If it works for you though, have fun, but be very careful. Ugh - the thought of your son being tackled by store employees? I don't think they have the right to tackle shoppers. Man.

Good luck this year! Stay alive though, because....well, selfishly - we need to read more from you. :) LOL. Take care!

LM Preston said...

Aww thank you all. I've accepted the fact that I'm an adrenaline junkie. But I am really going to work extremely hard to stay away from the Black Friday Madness. I think I may be looking at some hot air balloon rides for my birthday present instead. :-D