Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Explorer X-Beta is now on KDP and Amazon!

I'm excited to announce that my second book in the my middle grade science fiction adventure novel, is available for FREE in ebook kindle format on KINDLE DIRECT and only $0.99 on amazon until release day of the Paperback version April 1st.

The paperback release date is April 1st and will be kicked off with a twitter party TWITTER PARTY is April 3rd, 2012 and BLOG TOUR the week of April 8th-17th.

LM Preston Tour and Stops:

Farpoint Convention (Baltimore, MD) 2/17-19th
Public Library Conference (PA) - 3/12th
Twitter Launch Party (Promo Explorer X-Beta) - 4/3th
Explorer X-Beta Blog tour - 4/8-17th
Book Expo America (NY) - 6/6-7th
Otakon (Baltimore, MD) 7/27-29th
Shore-Leave (Baltimore, MD) 8/3-5th
Baltimore Book Festival - 9/28-30th
Capclave (Baltimore, MD) - 10/12-14th

Weekly on Twitter:
#MBPA twitter chat on Thursdays at 9pm hosting as board member of Mid Atlantic Book Publishers Association www.midatlanticbookpublishers.com
#Yalitchat twitter chat on Wednesday as Moderator and support of Yalitchat.ning.com

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