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Author Lindsey Sablowski is ready to party with us!

Join us - 7pm-9pm EST for a twitter appetizer party!!! Whoop! Please use the hashtag #ThePackRetributionParty and follow my twitter handle @LM_Preston for prizes and fun! Fun! Fun!

 Introducing ... author .... Lindsey!
First off a huge thank you to the mastermind behind this blog tour and talented author of The Pack-Retribution, Lm Preston.
The main antagonist in my book Cursed With Power is Aldemund.  Now I’ll have to admit that most of the White magicians in my book are not pleasant people; they’re abusive to the Dark magicians, and they are power hungry.  However, Aldemund truly is quite the villain.  From that first moment he meets Celestria in town and threatens her life, I literally felt my heart sink.  There’s something about him that just makes me feel uneasy, and he definitely isn’t a character you could fall in love with.  No, he isn’t all around a bad person, but it’s the evil acts he commits that makes his actions unforgivable.  
What really haunts me about him is that I have his back story, I know his history... And I promise you it is not one full of sunshine.  Of course the man has his good points, I suppose, but the bad outweighs the good.

Now I can’t talk too much about what makes Aldemund such a terrible person because I don’t want to give away any spoilers.  But trust me, you’ll see from the way he treats Dark magicians and even his own men that there is a darkness in the man that cannot be overcome.  
To read more about Aldemund and the journey in Cursed With Power, visit my personal blog:
Author Lindsey's blog/website: and Official Lindsey Sablowski
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Lindsey’s book, now available in paperback and kindle (nook coming soon!):
Cursed With Power
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Now..the party buildup continues for THE PACK-RETRIBUTION...

Join us in the fun this weekend!

I have BIG fun planned for everyone.

My main Blog 'LM Preston's Ramblings' will be hosting a mini-blog tour that spotlights the authors who will be hosting my BIG BASH Facebook RELEASE PARTY (Saturday, September 29th from 11am-11pm) and TWITTER Appetizer JAM (Friday, September 28th-7pm-9pm EST use #ThePackRetributionParty)

TWITTER PARTY: Friday, 9/28 at 7pm-9pm EST, use the hashtag #ThePackRetributionParty and @LM_Preston prizes include $10 Amazon Gift cards for 3 winners & books, swag prizes

FACEBOOK PARTY:  Saturday, 9/29 at 11am-11pm EST!/events/337549946331607/
Starring eight other authors and blog hosts, tons of prizes and fun.

9/20/2012 through 9/29/2012 Drop into any of the below blogs to find out more about the host for THE PACK-Retribution, Facebook release party hostess

KaSonndra Leigh (
Emma Michaels (
Christina Leigh Pritchard (
Bryna Butler  (
Nicole Langan (
Nicole Olea (
Sarah Billington (newly added)
11am - LM Preston Opens Party
12pm - KaSonndra Leigh
1pm - Nicole Olea
2pm - LM Preston
3pm - Emma Michaels
4pm - Nicole Langan
5pm - Nicole Langan

6pm – Sarah Billlington
7pm - Lindsey Sablowski
8pm - Bryna Butler
9pm - Christina Leigh Pritchard

10pm- LM Preston

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