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Emma Michael's author of Owlet drops in!

Hiya! I'd love to introduce Emma Michaels! She has a new book coming out this October too :-D

 Iris has a secret. She lost her memory eight years ago and never told a living soul. After an asthma attack one night she finds out that her dreams of a strange house on a snowy island may be a memory resurfacing but the more she learns about the past the more she realizes the life she has been living is a lie. As the façade her father has built starts to crumble around her she will have to decide which means more to her; the truth or her life.

When Does Emma Michael's do when she's not writing
Well I am not writing, I am thinking about writing. Just kidding - partially.
A few weeks back a friend of mine made a joke about me being the mad hatter and comparing my many career paths to my ‘hats’. I ended up using the concept as the base for a guest post on a friend Estevan Vega’s blog. It wasn’t until writing that post that I realized just how wide spread my many interests are but that at my core it always comes down to reading and writing, just as with the mad hatter and all of his mad ways, always ends up leading back to hats.
When I am not writing I work as a cover artist for publishers and indie authors, scout for blogs for a few publishers marketing teams, take concepts for silk screen designs from their designers and bring them to life to that they can be printed, research about almost anything because I am eternally curious, graphic design, paint, freelance/ghost write, do lots of DIY projects for family and friends and hang out with my fiancé or play with my little white Chihuahua (who thinks she is a Rottweiler). I also enjoy a handful of physical activities depending on how bad my asthma is at any given time; I switch between yoga, walking, fencing and dancing. These are just my current ‘hats’. As you can imagine, I am not very good at sitting still or having any length of time where I don’t have a current project.
Slowly I am shifting my career paths away from the many different aspects and towards just writing (and marketing my own novels) and cover art but it takes time and with each of my jobs there are people who depend on me who are going through the slow process of finding a replacement. When it comes down to it, in the end I am simply a writer. It is my joy, main career and all of my life goals surround my writing goals other than a few spare items on my bucket list (black water rafting in New Zealand, seeing the cliffs of Dover in Europe, a list of the most beautiful libraries in the world and seeing a work of art created by Leonardo Di Vinci’s hands in person).
So while I could say I am an Author/Cover artist/graphic designer/silk screen designer/marketer/ghost writer I think I will stick with my friend’s comparison. I am simply the Mad Hatter.
Thank you for having me on your blog, to everyone reading and to LM Preston for hosting this wonderful tour! Stop by her Facebook page on September 9th for a chance to join in the party for The Pack – Retribution!  It is going to be a blast!
Find more out about Emma's books here! Click

The Party Continues! On. .. and on...

Did you hear? I have BIG fun planned for everyone.

My main Blog 'LM Preston's Ramblings' will be hosting a mini-blog tour that spotlights the authors who will be hosting my BIG BASH Facebook RELEASE PARTY (Saturday, September 29th from 11am-11pm) and TWITTER Appetizer JAM (Friday, September 28th-7pm-9pm EST use #ThePackRetributionParty)

TWITTER PARTY: Friday, 9/28 at 7pm-9pm EST, use the hashtag #ThePackRetributionParty and @LM_Preston prizes include $10 Amazon Gift cards for 3 winners & books, swag prizes

FACEBOOK PARTY:  Saturday, 9/29 at 11am-11pm EST!/events/337549946331607/
Starring eight other authors and blog hosts, tons of prizes and fun.

9/20/2012 through 9/29/2012 Drop into any of the below blogs to find out more about the host for THE PACK-Retribution, Facebook release party hostess

KaSonndra Leigh (
Emma Michaels (
Christina Leigh Pritchard (
Bryna Butler  (
Nicole Langan (
Nicole Olea (
Nadege Richards ( )

11am - LM Preston Opens Party
12pm - KaSonndra Leigh
1pm - Nicole Olea
2pm - LM Preston
3pm - Emma Michaels
4pm - Nicole Langan
5pm - Nicole Langan

6pm – Nagede Richards
7pm - Lindsey Sablowski
8pm - Bryna Butler
9pm - Christina Leigh Pritchard

10pm- LM Preston

Sign up here for prize pack sponsored by the Hostesses of my Facebook Release Party

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So HERE's the schedule of my BLOG Tour that kicks off 9/23:

9/23/2012 – The Paperback Princesses-
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9/24/2012 – Eva’s Sanctuary -
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9/25/2012 – Writer’s Ally -
9/25/2012 – Mpax Author –
9/25/2012 – My Four Monkeys -
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