Monday, October 22, 2012

Are You Ready for NanoWrimo Write Madness?

Yeah, are you?

Ready for Speed Writing Your Next Novel in just 30 days? Do you have your NanoWrimo profile set up?

Well add me as your friend :-D I'm (lmpreston) in need of some friendly support and word count competition.

If you didn't know about NanoWrimo it's 'National Novel Writing Month' and no it's not the only write frenzy event of the year but for me it's the first ever one I joined in on.

Somethings it did for me:
- Helped me create a writing habit
- Wore me the heck out, lol!
- Squeezed a 58K novel out of me
- Forced me to write straight through, no time to edit because it's all about the word count
- Did I say, 'wore me out'

What I did to prepare:
- Completed a loose outline for the project I wanted to write
- Schedule my write times for each day and (I also did some all-night writing sessions)
- Got hyped by getting friends to cheer me on

Now, here's some other ways to report your word count and get some encouragement

- Twitter: use the hashtag #Nanowrimo to report word count. Hey and use the #amwriting and #wip ones to just for good measure

- Facebook:

Stay tuned for my re-post on Speed Writing for other Nanowrimo authors!

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