Tuesday, April 16, 2013

FLIGHT by Lindsay Leggett - THE PARTY!!

A devastated world living underground. Winged beasts who prey on the few humans left. A Hunter on the run from the only family she knows, the family who has betrayed her. A secret so deep it has the power to change everything.

Harpies. The Elder Corporation. Hunters. Deleted Scenes. Excerpts. Character Bios. Contests. Awesome Prizes.

This is Flight... on Fire. 

Stop by April 17th for bonus material, a live chat, excerpts from Flight, and awesome prizes.

What is Flight on Fire?

Flight on Fire is a massive online release party for my Sci-fi NA novel, Flight. I knew I wanted to do something special for my release party, and I ultimately decided that I wanted a massive, interactive party with special features, prizes, quizzes, vlogs, a live chat, and more. 

From 6:30pm through 10pm EST, Flight on Fire will be live. 

Those who pre-register will automatically be sent copies of Flight preludes, Huntrix and Case 501, and be entered into the draw for the ultimate prize pack filled with awesome ebooks, swag, and a $100 giftcard to the winner’s bookstore of choice. 

There will also be smaller prizes and contests, and a chance to get your Official Harpy Hunter Certification. 

Overall it’s going to be tons of fun, and I hope to see you there!


DMS said...

Great cover! This sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for sharing!

C. Lee McKenzie said...

Good luck to Lindsay on her party!