Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have to cash in on this. Lately, my daughter has been addicted to 'Reality TV' shows that center on dating and competing for your 'man'.

I have to admit to being a bit seduced by it and yet appalled. Rather appalled.


First, I always thought the guy should 'work' for the woman. Let's face it, I've been married for 20 yrs now and I have to say that I enjoyed the lengths my husband went to in order to get my attention. He had my attention at his first, 'hello' but I didn't let him know it.

Besides, I'm a bit selfish and would like to think that the guy that's interested in me isn't going to be kissing the girl standing next to me in like 20 minutes after we chat. Because if he gets to do kissy face with somebody hot why can't I while I take my time to decide if he can even kiss well.

Then there is the 'Match Maker' who selects like subjects for the guys and get this 'coaches' the girls on how to land Mr. RICH Right.?! Now if this doesn't sound like a recipe of disaster I don't know what does. Teaching a person to accentuate their positives will only last a short time til their - NEGATIVES come out to play.

So, I personally have a problem with the 'selection' process for these shows.


No way would I call what they do on those shows dating. No. Kind. Of way! It's more like, can I act as freaky as possible to get and keep his attention since he's going to be able to rub it up with the girl next in line.

Also, these parts seem a bit scripted to me. What do you think?


Yes, this does come. The guy usually proposes marriage. Truthfully, it's beyond me how any of them could work. The couple usually 'really' gets to know each other off camera. Then he finds out that the girl is truly a 'gold digger' and she finds out the guy is truly a 'player' and that what they did on the 'show' was all...(hush your mouth) a fake.


So, I ask would you do this? Go through great lengths like this to meet your Mr. RICH Right?

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Diane Carlisle said...

I'd rather educate myself, work hard, and stand on my own. Hopefully, any man who is afraid of attracting a gold digger will see that I don't need his money, so we can just get down to learning about one another.

Because buddy, I don't care how much money you have in your pocket, if you don't have the charm to keep my attention, I'm not wasting my life with you.

Go figure, we're going on our 26th anniversary. :D

Congrats on your 20!