Thursday, October 10, 2013

Top YA Monsters! You Got 1?

Okay, are we really going to have to ask that question?

The Society of YA Storytellers at are chatting it up about ... Monsters...that teens love! Hate? Are frightened of? or Love to hate. Gosh I don't know which.

When I was a kid, I loved, loved, loved...did I say love? The Lost Boys movie. It had a hot, evil, sexy vampire and a gorgeous kid they were turning.

Then, I fell in love with the Vampire Lestat.

And how could we not want to just trade places with Elaina in Vampire Diaries?

 I mean, does she REALLY need 2 hot vampire brothers fighting over her? Gosh!

But we can't forget Bella...and Edward. Yeah, I personally would've picked the werewolf but hey, Edward had his sparkle baby!

To see more of what the secret society (oh, of course it's not that secret :-D but you can join) says about monsters, CLICK here.

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purpleshadowhunter said...

I LOVE The Lost Boys!!!And The Vampire Lestat!