Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You Are Not Going To Get Rich Writing! Maybe..

The life of a writer, author, creator of words means a life of ups and downs. Yep, and I must say - I LOVE IT!

However, there is a more realistic side to writing? It's a BUSINESS. Which means that those dreams of becoming a multi-million dollar author who produces Best Sellers, Movies, Product and more...isn't for everyone.


1) Learn the Biz as though you were a Literary Agent, Publisher, Foreign Rights Agent, Movie Producer, Script Writer...every aspect.

2) Create a quality product.

3) Pimp your product in the direction of choice (a) Lit Agent on up (b) Self-Publish with help of Lit Agent or Rights Agent.

4) Learn the Subsidiary Business (other places to sell your book)

5) Be creative, tenacious, and continue to pump out good products (one may hit at the right time and place.)

LASTLY, never give up.

1 comment:

Cheyanne said...

You forgot rule number 6) Keep the day job!


But I agree about learning the business. That's the smartest thing you can do as an author and so many people just rush into publishing without having the slightest clue how it all works.