Friday, February 27, 2015

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I'm a native Californian, and after living a lot of different places in the world, landed back in my native state on the edge of a redwood forest. When I'm not writing or blogging I'm hiking or practicing yoga. Then there's that half acre of garden that needs a lot of love.

Sudden Secrets(Evernight Teen 2014) is my fourth young adult novel. I wrote my first young adult novel, Sliding on the Edge, after reading a news article about "self-abuse" among ivy league students. My second novel, The Princess of Las Pulgas, deals with a young girl and her family. They have everything and suddenly nothing. Double Negative (Evernight Teen 2014) is a book that turned me into an advocate for literacy. 

Great Time Lock Disaster
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No YouTube, no smoothies, no Manga. Not ever again. Not unless Pete figures out how to reverse his bad spell and free Weasel and him from 1837 England.

Double Negative:
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Sixteen-year-old Hutchinson McQueen is a big time loser. Trapped in a dysfunctional family, his one thought is escape, but everything he does to get away lands him in trouble. The priest and Maggie have offered him the freedom he craves. All he has to do is take it.

Sudden Secrets
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Something’s strange about the abandoned house across the street—flashes of light late at night and small flickers of movement that only someone looking for them would see. Everyone says the house is deserted, but Cleo is sure it isnt, and shes sure whoever is inside is watching her.

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