Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Evaluating Your Exposure


Oh my! As an author, we prefer to stay tucked away writing our stories. However, when it's time to release your book baby - getting out there to spread the word is a must.

This year I'm planning on launching two books. One a full novel and part of a series. The other is a novella (which is part of a boxed set and a print book).


So now it seems that the trends of internet hang outs is forever moving for the genre I write for. The Young Adult crowd always moves on to the new thing and I can't seem to catch up.

So I'm getting out there and making myself known to my market in several ways that I can afford and that's consistent.

Twitter - consistent for the younger generation
Vines - a new hopping way to get exposure
Amazon - book readers tend to hang out there alot
Goodreads - book readers hangout
Book Tours - yep, in person

Blog Tours - I just love blogs so I have to do this. Finding one that's on tumbler would be good.


Trying to get this started is a challenge. But - hey, it can happen. So I'll be trying some new things this year to get this going.

ARE YOU A READER? Where do you find out about good books?

ARE YOU AN AUTHOR? Where to you share your books?

ARE YOU A PUBLISHER? Where do you sale your book?

1 comment:

Crystal Collier said...

Sounds like a pretty good list to me.

Most books I end up grabbing I hear about on the blogophere, but that's just because I spend enough time here. =)