Sunday, February 28, 2010


One thing I had when I was a teenager, was the belief that nothing could happen to me. I thought that I could move mountains and survive the falling rocks. That’s a quality worth holding onto, the power of optimism.


When you are young you have the world ahead of you. You know that there is always a chance to improve – a future. However, a lot of young people don’t even think about the negative stuff that could happen. They focus on the positives. Their focus is on tomorrow. “When I grow up I’ll be this or that.” They’ll also say, “That won’t happen to me.”

Importunely, growing up means getting a reality check. The reality is – you don’t always succeed, and yes sometimes bad things happen to you.


Optimism is a powerful tool for success and a fulfilling life. For example, how is it that a kid dying from a horrible disease, smiles at anyone that comes through the door when they have to endure so much pain. What does he has that most people don’t have – Optimism or some would say ‘Hope’.

The determination to stay on course, to stand up when knocked down, to persevere when all odds are against you is called Optimism. Never let it go. Fight to keep it, remind yourself verbally to fight off negativity, self-doubt, and the words of people that don’t get your true power. The powers to stay buoyant – bounce back from any situation, and make the choice to be happy with that decision because you at least fought to succeed.


I challenge you to stay optimistic. When someone gives you a ‘no’ find a way to make your own YES! When you feel like you can’t win, force a smile on your face, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself to not give up. Remember, one of my main motto’s, the one thing I say to myself everyday. “The word CAN’T means Won’t, and Happiness is a choice.” Guess what, because I never gave up, because I chose to be happy in spite of circumstances and nay Sayers, I have no regrets. Only the awe of what I have accomplished.

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