Thursday, March 4, 2010


A crush. What does that mean exactly? Well it’s when you see someone and become immediately obsessed with them. So much so, you usually miss the opportunity to actually charm them into wanting you back.


You ever get hit by a lightening bolt? Well that’s kinda what it feels like when you first lay eyes on your crush.

I remember my first crush. I was eleven and the boy had a huge blonde afro and dark brown eyes. I know, don't laugh outloud. Now I laugh at my choices but hey, I was only eleven and the afro was in at the time. It’s coming back though. There are a few boys now that sport them that my daughter thinks are hot.

Anyway, when I first saw him. I think I felt a sharp bolt in the pit of my stomach and butterflies in my chest. It’s a little different for everybody. Just realize that you are struck when you feel something different after your first look at your new crush.


Okay, this is where I messed up a lot in the beginning. When I got around my crush I could never speak. I would stutter, mumble, or just couldn’t get any words out at all.

I didn't know how to play it cool. Therefore – I avoided one on one contact with my crush. Truth is, I was more than happy to sit back and just stare at them. Dreaming up my own fantasies about how they wanted me much more than I wanted them. Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?


Now this is where the person with the crush tends to really scare off their target. We get a little obsessive – alright, a lot obsessive. No one is immune from this. Especially with your first crush. You try to hide it, but you and I know that when you are alone, you daydream over and over about the person.

Then, girls, admit it – we start writing the crush’s name and our name in all those game patterns to make sure we are a good match. And if we find through the match up game that we aren’t – we rig the darn game. Then start to write our first name and the boy’s last name with a heart drawn around it.

Hopefully, when you get older, you learn to conceal and control these urges. I did. Lucky for me though, I married my crush. He didn’t realize I had this major crush on him – until – he revealed he had one for me too. That skill comes with age.


Well remember that boy I mentioned. The one I had a major crush on? Well I crushed over him for about six whole months. Until…..I got to know him.

Let me tell you. I didn’t like him one single bit. He was arrogant, mean (he liked to pull my hair and tease me), and he beat me up (we took karate together and the nutso went Bruce Lee on me!).

After getting to know him, I realized that he wasn’t worth my obsessing – and I turned my crushing ways to someone more worthy – Michael Jackson and Prince (smile).


Crushes are usually over quickly. Wasting time salvating over someone that doesn’t like you back is a total waste of energy. I prefer to have someone like me, just as much (if not a little more) than I like them. Why? Well because, I like being someone’s crush. Just as much as I like crushing on someone else.

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