Monday, August 30, 2010

BACK TO SCHOOL - Checklist

Oh yeah, I remember going back to school. Here’s a list of things most teens consider when getting ready to go back to the grind of school again.

That summer crush you had, yep, him….so yesterday. Since you’ll be going to school, it’s time to put on your eagle eye in search of a more permanent day to day boyfriend.

With the end of summer, many summer loves end simply due to the location and temptation to try out a new flavor with the upcoming school year. So if you are the dumpee, don’t worry, get involved in school activities to meet new people.

Okay, this is what drives me crazy about school shopping. Everyone and their mothers are out shopping for the new hot fashions for the school year. Heck, when I was a kid I’d get at least fifteen new outfits or more. Would I wear them all? Uh, ye-ah! The first few weeks of school was spent showing off new clothes.

Now though, I’ve gotten smarter. Since the weather is still nice outside, we recycle our stylish summer outfits to mix in with versatile pieces for the first few months of school. It saves us money and we get to shop for new fall outfits with the extra cash.

This is what ticks me off the most. You get this long supply list of stuff your teachers tell you to buy, and guess what? You don’t use over half the stuff until the 3rd quarter.
So you know what? Only purchase the minimum during the pre-school month. Just what you need to get started, and when the supplies go on sale – then buy the rest of the stuff you need.


Last thing to check off is your attitude. Don’t let know one steal your positive attitude. Speak up for yourself, even with teachers. Keep a smile on your face and avoid confrontation with bullies.

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Ezmirelda said...

I brought a whole ton of clothes but I won't be buying any school supplies untill our teachers give us a list. I only got the basics -binders, notebooks, mechanical pencils, etc.:)