Thursday, August 5, 2010

V.J. CHAMBERS Spotlight Party Guest

Well my party is winding down, but why does it have to? No reason, let's party on! V.J. Chambers has stopped by the party and I can't wait for you to hear about her books that garnered some great reviews. Please give a warm welcome to V.J. Chambers.

How you diggin the party?

Cheers! I'm diggin' it. :P

Tell me about yourself?

I'm an indie author, and I make a living teaching high school. I'm also fond of snakes, cheesecake, my boyfriend Aaron, Stephen King books, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and corduroy pants (although not exactly in that order).

Are you in the book business? What do you do?

I've written and published six books on my website and in ebook form. Four of those books are also available in print. My store:

I like to write books about people in unbelievably difficult (often supernatural) situations and their struggle to free themselves, find love, and make their way in the world. Four of my books are for an older young adult audience (I'd say 16 and over) and two are aimed at adult audiences.

Have you read any of LM Preston’s books? Say something smashingly great about LM Preston or her books.

LM Preston is without a doubt driven. I admire her desire to work with young writers in a workshop atmosphere. As a teacher myself, I think interacting with youth is tremendously important. Furthermore, she's worked in IT, which is awesome. I think everyone reading this should be buying at least four of five copies of all of her books, because this lady has got it going on!

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I'm working on the revisions for the first book in a sequel trilogy to my trilogy about Jason and Azazel, who are my most popular characters.

I also have a work in progress about a group of kids in their late teens/early twenties who are possessed by the spirits of Arthurian legend.

Big things in your future?

The final chapters of Death Girl are being serialized currently. For more on Death Girl, a young adult horror-suspense novel, you can check this out: I have a book trailer here:

And as soon as my revisions are complete, I'll have The Stillness in the Air, book one of the Jason and Azazel: Apocalypse Trilogy, available for sale, and it will begin serializing on my site. I don't have specific dates yet, but it will be sometime in the fall.

How to Find Valerie:

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Susan Kaye Quinn said...

VJ, your stories sound very interesting - and thanks for specifying the 16+ rating on YA books. I appreciate authors that want to make sure their books find the right audience! Best of luck to you (and LM!)!