Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SALT Movie Review

This weekend I tiptoed to the movies to see SALT. I have to admit, I’m a Angelina Jolie fan. She fits the profile of most of my characters. Sexy, powerful and loves to kick butt then take names. This is a spy thriller in which she is wrongly accused of being a Russian agent sent to kill the president.

Action packed from the beginning. Now I will admit, it’s a little unbelievable that a woman as tiny as she is (and trust me, she is thin) could pull off beating up man after man in order to find her husband. But in this movie as with others that she stars in, she pulled it off, making it sort of believable.

The twist and turns in the plot kept both my husband and I interested, but the story lines and believability of the plot was why it didn’t earn a 5 star rating. I give it a 3. It’s entertaining, fast paced with great shoot up and fight scenes. So if you can’t go see Inception, then check this one out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I've already seen (and ADORED) Inception twice and was looking for opinions about Salt.

LM Preston said...

Oh my, I could definately see Inception 2 times. SALT is definately not on the same plane as Inception.

nit said...

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