Thursday, April 28, 2011

PROM What's the Deal?

PROM What does it mean to you?

Well it's prom time. My son is a Junior in High School and was scrambling around at the last minute to find a date, a tux, a limo, and an after party.

I have to admit, as a girl, I loved, loved, loved proms. But I only ever went to one - my senior prom. I skipped out on my Junior prom because I didn't have a boyfriend at the time, or the money to spend on a dress and all that went with the big event. Truthfully, I was rather humbug about it.


Now, looking back, I'm glad I went, got the picture, and been there done that. It was the one day - save my wedding day that I had an excuse to look the part of the Princess. I didn't have money for a limo, but my cousin drove a rental car my mom got for me and my date. He was our personal chauffeur who took us to an expensive diner (okay - not that expensive) and then to prom. However, just like Cinderella I wasn't able to do the after ball activities - my mother distinctively reminded me that no decent girl should be out until dawn, doing who knows what, and coming home a baby momma (trust me, I rolled my eyes at that warning.)

Am I glad I went - sure am. Even though my then boyfriend decided at that time to reveal that he was only 14yrs old to my 16yrs old - I ABOUT DIED! That's something he shared at our cozy, adult dinner. I swore him into secrecy for the prom and not only that - the guy was flirting with other girls. So, what did I do - well, flirt with other boys too! The night ended with my cousins dropping us off after prom, and his dad picking him up. Yes, he was too cute, and I was too dressed up to deny him a kiss goodnight. Needless to say, the relationship ended shortly after prom, we remained friends.


I would have so went. Maybe with a different guy - one that could drive, lol! I would have ditched out of prom early - let's admit it, the actual prom was pretty boring, and went to the after-party at my friend's house (everyone was raving about it the next week in school).


Now that it's time for my kids to have a prom, I'm sooo excited for them. I love picking out the tux, the dresses, the limo and joining in their excitement all over again.


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Elizabeth Prats said...

Ah we didn't have junior prom just Home Coming. I bought tickets figuring finding a date wouldn't be so hard. Unfortunately, some of my friends who said they'd go backed out. I did not want to go to myself to so I refunded my tickets.

Thank god just a few months later I met my boyfriend. Okay, bringing a hot football player from another school felt pretty good that night. And you can bet I dragged him to Home Coming Senior year.

Needless to say it's been 3 years since and we're quite happy together :) I love the adorable boy---in fact my profile picture is from Prom night so long ago!

Jessie Harrell said...

I remember that big 8th grade dance in middle school - but I don't think we called it prom. I had a bright blue dress and a too-high hairdo. And our after party was at Denny's. Not the epitome of cool.
In high school, I was dating the "older guy" so I went to prom my freshman, sophomore & senior years. (My junior year was his first year of college & we went on a road trip rather than spend the money on prom). What I remember most?
Freshman year: I was one of three girls wearing the same exact dress
Sophomore: had an allergic reaction to eating escargot at dinner
Senior: drove 2 hours away for dinner & back - missed almost the entire dance. Oops.

khashway said...

I went to three proms and a bunch of semi-formals. They were never a huge deal to me--maybe because we had so many. But they were fun, and I'm glad I went. Senior prom was by far the best, but that was because I had a great date. That can make all the difference.

Jenna said...

I just had my senior prom earlier this month. My best friend's mom made me a 15th century Italian-inspired gown, my chef dad scored my date and I a free meal at the restaurant he works at (which is one of the fanciest in town), and my mom's best friend drove her son (who I pretty much grew up with) over from South Carolina. My mom's friend did my hair and makeup, took me jewelry shopping, and paid for the corsage, specifically matched to my dress. My date wore his ROTC uniform and we got to take his mom's 2010 Mustang. And our theme? Masquerade.

In short, my prom was freaking awesome. :D

Jen said...

I only went to senior prom as well. I went with a friend, but he was also someone I liked. Anyway, instead of a limo him (and his friends) rented a U-haul! You heard me right U-haul. When they pulled out the little ramp thing, they rolled out red carpet and the entire back was decorated with couches and trees with lights, it was AMAZING! Something I will definitely always remember.

LM Preston said...

Oh wow!!! Thanks for sharing your prom stories :-D makes me want to go back in time and do it again.

April said...

Your Prom story is too funny! My Prom was okay, I guess. I didn't have a date. I never had dates of any kind in high school. I went with a small group of friends, and only one of the girls had a date - a freshman. So he was 15, and we were all 18. My best friend brought him as a date, and I really do think she did it only to be able to say she had a date. But he was sweet and paid for her dinner. We went to a nice sea food restaurant.

I had a blast at the actual Prom though. I love to dance, and I got to dance with all my crushes, even if they only ever thought of me as a friend. And not even really a friend. high school wasn't that great for me, but Senior year, including Prom, was fun. I'm glad I went, I suppose. I'd probably do it again. But honestly, high school holds no crazy-special memories for me, and I'm much happier to be a 30-year old wife and mommy!

Dawn Brazil said...

I only went to a senior prom also. But my then much older boyfriend and I broke up and I wasn't in the mood to go but my best friend threatened me. A guy-friend from our football team voluntered to take the both of us since we didn't have dates. How nice I thought. Then my BFF hooked up with another one of our classmates once we arrived and they all wanted to go back to a hotel. I was dead set against it. But - of course - I went anyway.

He - my guy friend - had the nerve to try something. LOL Well, he was sorely disappointed. He was so mad at me that he never showed me the prom pic's we took, or talked to me again. I guess he figued I'd give out b/c of who he was. I think NOT. Plus he paid for the pic's. I didn't really care much anyway. I met my new boyfriend at the prom that night and as luck would have it. He stayed in my very neighborhood. So, yeah, prom was good. Sort of.

cleemckenzie said...

It was all about the dress. The guy was not my idea of a perfect date--the perfect date was going with my best friend. However, the dress did the trick and at the next major dance guess who I went with? And that was okay because my best friend had moved on and wasn't interested in my "dream guy" anymore. Love it when things turn out that way.