Friday, April 8, 2011


I was on a paranormal kick this week. So I read SUFFER THE CHILDREN by SARA-JAYNE TOWNSEND and DARK GIFTS by WILLOW CROSS

Blurb from Sara's site Jane Townsend's website: BUY HERE: Lyrical Press
Fear has a face…

Orphaned at eighteen, Leanne's life is adrift in a sea of grief and drug use. She washes up on the shore of estranged relatives, the Carver family, struggling with loss of their own. The transition from her South London council estate to her new home in the Surrey middle-class suburbs is difficult for Leanne.

But beneath the respectable veneer of the quiet neighborhood, something terrifying lurks. Displaced and troubled teenagers are disappearing. Leanne recruits her cousin Simon and his girlfriend Carrie to help get to the bottom of the sinister mystery. Can the three of them stop a creature of unimaginable evil before Leanne becomes a target?


This mystery, woven into a story of troubled teens with drug addict parents, a missing sibling, the desire to be loved, and much more kicked off this novel. It starts with Leanne, giving a view of her broken relationship with her drugged up mom, her promiscuous ways and her fear of rejection. Her struggle ends with her mother’s demise, but a new horrible beginning unfolds when she moves into her missing cousin’s room. She and her cousin Simon become intertwined in the investigation of missing kids – ones whose lives closely mimics Leanne’s. The characters are deeply developed before the true mystery starts to develop, but once it does, I just had to read on to find out what happened next. The only thing that had me wanting were the horror based scenes. Oh, and there is quite a bit of sex scenes in the book if that’s something that you want to know. I gave it 4 gravestones only because I wanted more description in the gore parts (there weren’t gore, but was gently done for those people who just want to see the mystery).

Blurb from Smashwords:

Throughout the ages, druids have passed down a prophecy from one generation to the next. A girl, born of a witch clan, will become vampyre and spark a war that will divide the vampire nation. This young woman will either save humanity from vampire reign, or be the end of it. Although she’s never heard the prophecy, and doesn’t believe in witchcraft, Liz Markum is that woman.

Working with her maker, Michael, and the remaining members of the warring Vampire Council, Liz must defeat the darkness inside her, and learn to become more than a killer vampire. She must become a vampire killer.

My Review:

This is a truly seductive vampire book with a different spin. Not boring at all, great characters with depth, and what can I say, the beginning rocks and sucks you so deep in that you can't put it down. My teenager and I both read it and this is great read. Liz had a bad day, turned at night, being tried to be killed by day with her maker. A war is on the horizon, and every paranormal being is going to get a piece of it. But while Liz struggles with her love for Michael, her destiny is to help save her new race. But there is a twist, Liz wasn't your typical human, the spies for her side aren't vamps but ghost, and when it begins, there's a whirlwind of fighting until the end. This is a great read and is going for $2.99 on smashwords. I gave it 5 stars - yep, I had my vamp fix and more with this one.


Kelly Hashway said...

Ooh, the vampire book looks great. And seriously, at $2.99, how can you pass it up.

LM Preston said...

I know, that's the addiction to ebooks, you can always find jewels for great prices.