Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well today I'm giving the book review for an Upper YA Book by DIA REEVES.

Amazon Blurb:

Kit and Fancy Cordelle, the only children of the terrifying Bonesaw Killer of Portero, know that it's only a matter of time before they follow in his footsteps. Their dad was caught and imprisoned due to forensic evidence, but his teenage daughters are determined not to fall into the same trap. With careful planning and control, Fancy knows that she can make sure nothing ties them to the crimes, as long as her impulsive sister avoids a public killing spree. Scouting out the perfect location, she retrieves the missing crank to the old kinetoscope that lived in her father's killing cellar. The old motion-picture device transports Fancy to a brightly colored world where she and her sister can kill those who deserve it and keep the bodies away from the police. However, even as the sisters embark on their murderous spree, forces are tearing them apart. Kit has become obsessed with Gabriel, the youngest son of the last man their father killed, while Fancy has attracted the attention of Gabriel's brother, Ilan.

MY 2 Cents:

I'm reviewing a gruesomely haunting tale for the upper YA reader that likes murder, mayhem and shows like Dextor. I was that person in high school. I loved horror, true horror, real life stories about serial killers, how their minds ticked and how they got away with murder.

Well, Dia Reeves, brings us a YA version of such wicked dimensions. Kit and Fancy are twins. The kind of characters that you can't help but like - at first, until you figure out that they aren't really a victim of their circumstances but more like they thrive on flipping the script, and killing their attackers. But truth is, they only kill their attackers because in their own twisted, demented ways - they think they are doing the world good. As well as they give justification to their very dark desires.

This is not a book for a younger YA. I'd say anyone under 16yrs old without a love of horror probably wouldn't enjoy this book. But if you love horror, want to peek into the mind of madness, and don't mind graphic killing or death scenes (like most kids like hatchet movies such as SAW and FRIDAY 13th) played out by seemingly sweet twin girls - then pick this up. With all that considered I give this a 4 out of 5 slices, only because even for me, the killing was a bit much, but the characters kept me picking this one up. Something about them made me have hope that they would turn around, and isn't that what most families and friends of true life serial killers believe?


Kelly Hashway said...

Okay, I'm scared just reading this! Very freaky. For those that like horror, I'm sure this will be a hit.

Catherine Stine said...

Sounds good, and I do love that cover! I'm getting more into horror, and thrillers, and I'm sure there are many teens out there who love the genre.