Saturday, May 28, 2011

Launch Party Favors! Winners of the Goodreads Bandits Giveaway!

The Bandits Launch Party has kicked off with a bang! Online Giveaway's in which over 200 readers downloaded their free copy of Bandits on Smashwords! 100 books signed and given away at BEA! And for the Launch Day Final Prize giveaway - Goodreads Winner's take the pirate's booty of 10 books.

Here's the winners for the Goodreads Give Away!

Vicki Krivak
Mary Campbell
Janice Crespo
Shawna Guilford
Ruth Thompson
Becca Kher
Keisha Lyons
Jennifer Burger
Mardi Studer
Sharon Hoskison

Still 2 days to download your complimentary Launch Party copy of Bandits, re-release–FREE EBOOK coupon code:LV67U

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