Friday, July 29, 2011

COWBOYS VS ALIENS - A surprise Fun Ride



A stranger with no memory of his past stumbles into the hard desert town of Absolution. The people of Absolution don't welcome strangers, and nobody makes a move on its streets unless ordered by the iron-fisted Colonel Dolarhyde (Ford). But Absolution is about to experience fear it can scarcely comprehend as the desolate city is attacked by marauders from the sky. Now, the stranger they rejected is their only hope for salvation. As this gunslinger slowly starts to remember who he is and where he's been, he realizes he holds a secret that could give the town a fighting chance against the alien force.


I love westerns! But I have to admit, the title and the previews of this one didn't impress me at all. My husband wanted to see this and it was his turn to pick the movie for our date night.

We have this sick ache for the excitement of our youth and therefore rush out to go to the opening midnight showings of new movies. Mainly in the summer we indulge this addiction, but hey, it's fun.

So I sat down to watch this movie, just hoping to stay awake, and I have to admit - it more than kept me awake. There was a bit of a mystery, a great dose of Western fun, and some corny parts that was what I had expected. But there were some parts where I jumped in my seats, some where I laughed, some where I smiled and then cheered. And I wasn't alone either, there was a packed house in the theater on Thurs night midnight and people were engaged then committed to the movies. I give this 3.5 spaceships.


Bookish in a Box said...

I'm glad this is a good one; the previews looks fun, and it has Daniel Craig AND Harrison Ford so I can't wait to see it. :-)

Mardel said...

If I go to only one movie this summer, I want to see this one. Sounds great.

Kelly Hashway said...

LOL, if I went to a midnight showing, you'd have to wake me up to go! I'm so not a night person. I've fallen asleep at the movie theater before and I've never gone to a midnight showing. I wish I wasn't so addicted to sleep. Though getting up with the sun may have something to do with it.

Dawn Brazil said...

I see now how you beat me to all the movies. I've been looking forward to this movie. I think I'm attracted to any movie that is action and has aliens - not to say that I end up liking them all. But I will haul tail to watch them. LOL Thanks for the review.

Simply Stacie said...

Your blog feature is up!

LM Preston said...

Darnit! I let out my secret now everyone will be going to opening night at the movies :-D

cleemckenzie said...

Ah youth and opening nights at the movies! The last time I did that was for Star Wars. Oops! Long time ago. Anyway, it seems that C&A is getting very mixed reviews.

Thanks, LM, for being wild and young and going to see that movie on opening night.

Krystle Jones said...

I'm so psyched for this movie. I've been wanting to see it since I saw the previews last year (they've been advertising for a while, haven't they?). Thanks for the review! It makes me more excited.