Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Publishing Release Models

Mid Atlantic Book Publishers (use Hashtag #MBPA for twitter chat Thurs 10/13 9pm EST) we'll be chatting about publishing release models. The way to publish different formats for maximum benefits.


Hardcover books usually come first, then about 8 months to 12 months later comes the paperback. Now with ebooks in the mix they usually come a bit after the hardcover and audio formats. They use offset printing of initial print runs of anywhere between 5000 to 10,000.


Well Mid Atlantic Book Publishers support small press (independent publishers) or publishers that publish their own work. We have to be a bit more flexible and creative. Now it's cheaper and sometimes a bit more profitable to release ebooks first. Then 6X9 or perfect paperback (because stores return mass production paperbacks by tearing off the covers which is money down the drain for a small press or independent publishers). For my small press we only release in Perfect Paperback and ebooks. It's the cheapest way. We release only 300 of ARCs then 1500. But now that has changed since we sell more in ebooks then Paperback now. So now we only release 800 for our first print, then we go to Print On Demand (POD).


Please join us THURS, 10/13 9pm EST on MBPA twitter chat using the hashtag #MBPA


Kelly Hashway said...

I have to be honest and say that I sort of think most (not all) publishers will move to POD in the future. It's cheaper, and that makes more sense to me.

Elizabeth Prats said...

I do have a question. Do you find it harder to promote books that don't have that big name "traditional" publisher name on there?

I didn't know they tore the covers off! What's the difference between the perfect paperback and the mass production paperbacks? Size?

LM Preston said...

Book promotion is hard for ALL authors (okay not all, just most mid-list who make up the majority of authors represented). There is NO easy golden ticket in publishing. Everyone pays dues. I liken the name 'traditional' to large publisher. We own a publishing company, and it does well. I wouldn't dare take on an author that doesn't want to do anything to help promote their work. Now, most of the larger publishers feel a bit of the same.

Simon Haynes said...

I think the future for most titles is simultaneous release in non-returnable POD and ebook formats. (Possibly ebook first, to generate word of mouth before the print title is available.)
Major bestselling authors will still get huge print runs, but I can't see publishers accepting returns for midlisters and new authors in future.

cleemckenzie said...

One of the best promo tools we have now as authors is the eBook! Thank heaven for this switch. We can let readers access our books quickly, easily and cheaply. If they <B us we've built a following.

Have Thurs. on my calendar for #MBPA.