Thursday, November 8, 2012

Little Miracles

Yes they happen everyday.

In case you didn't know, which you may not have since I don't blog much about the things that I consider my personal challenges, the months of Sept - Oct were wicked crazy.

And even though I had a lot of not so fun things going on, I survived!

But one thing I want to share is that in life, there are Miracles, and when they happen, you just have to be THANKFUL (heck it's getting close to Thanksgiving, so time to reflect.)

Earlier in September, my best friend was visiting town and while with her brother, started to feel tingling in her feet. My crazy, wonderful, stubborn fighter of a friend, drove her be-hind home to NJ despite her discomfort as she wanted to make sure her kids got home safe. (huh?!) Anyway, long story short, she was hospitalized that day for unexplained paralysis.

As a single mom who was recently laid off from her employment this would have been a devastating blow - for anyone. BUT, my Super Woman friend, defied the odds of her recently diagnosed, Devics disease by shocking her doctors and recovering at an unforeseen rate.

AND ... and ... guess what? When I went to see her this weekend, thinking that my dear friend was still in a wheelchair since I stood there while the Doctor told her she may never wall fully again....

Wait for it.

MY FRIEND ANSWERED her front door when I got to her house, fully standing, walking great (not totally back to herself but darn close) and gave me a hug, and said, "Surprise!"

Now, when you think things are bad, and won't look up, I pull from these amazing Miracles of life to remind me that, without effort, hope, and dreaming the impossible - it won't happen.

WHAT Miracles have you seen in your lifetime?

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