Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year's Resolution Planning

OH Yeah does 2013 look promising! I've chucked out all excess  baggage, and am planning on focusing on my writing pile. I hope to really add to my stash of books for publishing in 2014, 2015 all to be written this year.

2013 Planned Book Releases:

Purgatory Reign (book 1 in 3 book series) - comes out in ebook Feb 1st, and print May, 18th.

Thundering Love - isn't written yet, but is book 2 in the Summer Luv series which includes (Flutter Of Luv) and will round out with one more short story.

Wastelands (Bandits series) - is written but needs to be edited by June to release in Fall.

2013 Books To Write

3rd Book and final book in The Pack series (still have no title)
3rd Book and final book in the Explorer X (Middle Grade) series (still have no title)
2nd Book in Purgatory Reign Series (still have no title)
3rd Short Story in Summer Luv series (still have no title)
YA stand alone book
The Pack (book to script adaption)
Explorer X (book to script adaption)

If I'm able to write all of those babies, then 2014 is gonna be a great year of releases!!

2013 Planned In Person Events:

Plan to have 1 event a month from April 2013 til Sept 2013. So if you'd like to have me at your school, book club, radio show, on your blog, please drop me a line. I'm booking now.

2013 Quirky Resolution:
Lose 20lbs since I'm gonna be on TV in March I've got to slim out a bit (lol!)

Finish living out my bucket list (hope to do my Hot Air Balloon Ride)

So.....what are you planning for 2013?

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