Monday, December 10, 2012

Sneak Peek, Extended Excerpt, Purgatory Reign

Do you want to read more of Purgatory Reign, this little excerpt isn't published. So I'm sharing it with you.

I hope you enjoy a taste of Peter's adventure.

Peter’s hand burned. “No!” What the heck was he supposed to do now? He crouched beside Hanna. Too guilty to leave her there like that, he grumbled.

Lifting his hand, he stared at the symbol she’d drawn with the blood from her face. “It is done,” she’d said. His jumbled thoughts replayed Hanna’s last words over and over. The symbol throbbed on the palm of his hand, so he rubbed at it. The blood wouldn’t wipe off, it just blazed even hotter the more he touched it.

“What did you do, crazy girl? What did you do?” Peter couldn’t stand her staring so Peter used his thumbs to close Hanna’s eyelids. Then he rubbed the palm of his burning hand on his pants. Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes and he quickly wiped them away with his fist. The guilt bubbled up inside him like a burning river of lava. He dropped his chin.

“I won’t leave you, Hanna.” His voice cracked. “Not until I have to. Pastor Finn will know what to do.

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