Friday, January 25, 2013

Kindle Only or All In to Diversify

Well the YA Indie Carnival is at it again. Tackling issues that Small Press, Indie Publishers and Self-Publishers have to address on a weekly basis.


I know there are many authors and small press publishers that only publish thier books on kindle with the augument that it's where most of their sales are. It's less work for them, less to manage and the rewards are sustaining to them.


Well I'm a firm believer of excess. Put the book out anywhere you can publish it. I have a distributor that distributes my ebook to places that are hard for Indie Publishers to get into alone. And I've published my short stories myself on as many platforms as I've had time to add them on.


Exposure! If you have your book in as many places as possible, then your book happens to be where ANY ready may hang out online.

In addition the google web crawlers that look for 'like' metadata sees your little book baby out there in the world a lot quicker than if you only have it listed in one place.

And there's more...what if that 1 platform that you didn't publish your book on started to take off? Then you'll be scrambling to diversify your publishing streams.


I do print because again I say...DIVERSIFY! It doesn't cost me too much more to have my distributor print and distribute my books and it gains me more exposure. My books have been in stores, libraries and ordered by places I've never even heard of. That wouldn't have happened had I not had my book in print format.


I hope to one day get some of my better sellers converted to audiobooks. Why? Because I want to tap into that very specific market. Most audiobook readers are loyal to the format, some even belong to clubs, and it's another way to have my book seen by the world.

SO...WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? Do you purchase books in multiple formats? Do you see a reason for a book to be available anywhere?
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Rebecca Green Gasper said...

I agree. I know Amazon is where a lot of the sales are...especially in ebook and that is where your ranks can rise. But I have many readers who want paperback or use B&N or somewhere else entirely. I think it's important to give readers what they want. And like you said, get your book visible and into the hands of all readers. For me, it's about so much more that the ranks on Amazon.

Melissa Pearl said...

Rebecca's comment mirrors my thoughts exactly :)
Give readers options is what I say :)

T. R. Graves said...

Thanks for supporting our Indie Author Series. ツ

Jess@The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow said...

I agree with you about diversifying! I like to read books in different formats and I love audio books (when they are read well). Excellent post with lots of great information. Thanks!

Kelly Hashway said...

I like books to be available in every possible format. People have preferences so I want my books to meet those preferences.

Beth said...

I pretty much only buy from my kinle, although I see why you would want to have your books other places. But KINDLE SELECT saved my book