Friday, January 4, 2013

The Starter Boyfriend by Tina Ferraro

Well, well, well...the holiday's are over and my daughter is reading a stack of books. I saw this book on facebook and asked her if she wanted to review it. She screamed, 'Yes!' I personally think it was Cover Love, but apparently she'd read another book by this author and enjoyed it so she wanted to read this one as well. Stay tuned for her review.

Amazon Blurb:
17 year-old Courtney is completely stressed. There's the rift with her softball teammates, homework, housework, her part-time job at the tux shop, her dad’s upcoming wedding...enough! Would it be too much to ask for someone special in her life, a boyfriend she could talk to, count on, even lean on a little?

The best she’s got is a blue-eyed surfer boy who seems to save his biggest moves for his board, and a “friend date” to Homecoming with a guy still in love with his ex. Oh, and then there’s the tuxedo mannequin in the shop window, who happens to be reliable and an amazing listener.

When the mannequin gets stolen in a senior prank, Courtney finds herself in a midnight pursuit along beach boulevards, trying to save more than the mannequin, but the job she’s come to love. After turning to the unlikeliest of people for help, and finding that surfer boy is as resourceful as he is good-looking, her load begins to lighten. In fact, she soon might find not only what she needs, but what she wants, too.

About the author, Tina Ferraro:
I am the author of about a hundred short stories published in national magazines, as well as three young adult novels with Random House: Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress, How to Hook a Hottie, and The ABC's of Kissing Boys.
I live behind a computer screen in Los Angeles with my rocket scientist husband, two cats, and whichever of our three young adult kids happens to be around.

Book Review by Nyia our Teen Book Reviewer:
It was absolutely adorable. The main character, Courtney, was hilarious with her quirky thoughts and comebacks. Her boyfriend to be, Adam was cute and cared for her but I didn't really get his personality or I was angry with him like Courtney was. I would've liked more buildup and romantic tension and no real flirting. But I still loved it, the plot was amazing with a really good ending. I'm giving this 4 stars out of 5.

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