Monday, January 21, 2013

New Adult as a Genre to rival YA?

So lately I've been attending a weekly twitter chat focused on writers, readers, industry peeps and a call to add a new genre named NEW ADULT.

I'm totally behind that.

What is New Adult?

Those crazy, think I'm grown but still got drama years after high school (if you graduated or went to high school). The age of 18yrs to 25 yrs and a genre that allows the characters to do all the things that are in adult novels without it being 'hard core' (or in some cases that's okay too) So it's for the reader that's not a kid, but ain't an older adult yet. They are still finding themselves, figuring things out with still a bit of the high emotion that you find with younger adults.These characters have jobs, maybe even a fiance and still deal with their parents in a 'kid' turning adult role.


This new genre has caught on with the big dogs and Harper Collins is launching their line on it now.


DRIVE SALES that target a specific age group has helped classify books in the Young Adult age of 14-17yrs and it blew up. Even though I have to admit, at that age I went straight to adult fiction since the YA books seemed goofy to me and didn't really depict me, but I was an old 'soul' who hung out mostly with adults.

ENTICE READERS at the 18-25yrs that complained about it being hard to find 'characters' that applied to their struggle. However, it's still out there as to what the spin on these stories will be considering there are many 'adult' books that have protagonist in the 18-25 yr range. But's all about 'selling books' and sometimes making a category easy to find, readers will flock more easily towards it.


I'm all for it. I wish there was this categorization of books when I was younger. I could've found what I wanted to read much easier. Also, we have to realize that the business of selling books has to continuously improve and slice the product base to make the books that a specific reader wants to be easier to find.



Liz said...

I really love this genre - I think that since most of us are at some point 18-25, why not be able to read characters and plotlines with the same age ranges? I don't think it competes with YA at all - while it's still the pre-adult years, it's also post high school, living with parents, etc. I'm really excited about this genre!

SA Larsenッ said...

I agree. I think this genre has been a long time coming. There was always a gap in the 'college' years. I'm really glad it's taking off.

Alyssa Auch said...

I like this new genre. In fact, my own novel, Lunula, has been categorized as YA, but I really think it's more like New Adult. The characters are in their young 20's, and they have a romance that befits that age. Young Adults would appreciate it, but as a 23-year-old, I wrote it for me!

I didn't know this was an official new category. Very interesting!

Diane Carlisle said...

I like it! I wish there were more categories we could label. Age range specifics are absolutely necessary if you want to target books. How else are 40-50 year olds likely to find something in the romance section? More and more older people are finding love all over again and what do they have to read?

This is a marvelous idea. :)

Rebecca Green Gasper said...

I like the idea. Another way to help categorize books and make them easier for readers to find them.