Monday, September 16, 2013

Benefits of Author Collaborations

Collaboration rocks! Is challenging! Is like dating! Is....

There are different ways that writers can collaborate to build their audience. I've tried a few have you?


My first installment of Purgatory Reign was a loose collaboration of sorts with my husband. I'd found a short story he wrote about 20 years ago and wanted to write a book about the ancestors of the characters in his original story.

He gave the okay and I mapped out the outline for him to review. Although we are married, he and I had very different opinions about the core of the book. But we worked through them to come up with one of my favorite creations, Purgatory Reign.


This is an area that has been some of the best and trying experiences of my publishing career. I've co-marketed with individual authors at book signings, online events, advertisements and more.

One of my favorite marketing based collarobations has been with the Indelibles. I've learned so much from the ladies there and benefited greatly.

Also, doing Samplers with other authors has been a great hit.

A list of ways to co-market:
- Genre Samplers and Anthologies
- Form a group that promotes each others stuff and have a shared 'Street Team'
- Share Book Signing Events and Setups
- Share advertising endeavors as a group


There are ways to promote other books and authors that do the same for you. Like placing a link to their book in yours, even some of their first pages. Also, recommending them for an event or to a reader.



SA Larsenッ said...

I didn't know you worked with your hubby on Purgatory Reign. Now that is cool! (Jealous!) I can't even get mine to read what I write (or any subject other than about cars or sports), let alone write with me. :)

E.J. Wesley said...

Love this post, LM. Authors really need to band together in most cases to maximize exposure and get the most from their money/time.

aman kesherwani said...
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Crystal Collier said...

There's nothing better than when the writing community comes together to support one another. I love it!