Monday, September 23, 2013

Tween the Weekends Presents

I love talking about TWEENs and MIDDLE GRADE FICTION, and I am honored to be able to share my books as well as a great author by the name of C.Lee.

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MY BOOKS are EXPLORER X series which are a scifi adventure most TWEENS won't forget.

For most kids, a trip to space camp is the trip of a lifetime for Aadi it was life altering. After receiving a camp immunization needed for travel to Mars, Aadi finds that the immunization is the catalyst of an insidious experiment. He realizes what is happening too late for a change of fate. The full experiment is set in motion when he and his co-pilot, Eirena, crash in a distant galaxy called Shrenas, where they change and realize the full extent of their power. This turn of events forces him to grow up quickly, accept his change, and to decide to save a world, or to do what he was trained to do dominate it. His power is coveted by the warring leaders of Shrenas, and he is forced to choose sides a decision that may prove just how much humanity he has left.


Barely escaping their captors, Aadi and Eirena are determined to save their dying friend. After their final confrontation with the species that tortured them, they've changed-unfortunately, not for the better. The changes caused by a terrible experiment force Aadi to accept the possibility that he may never be fit to go home, and that holding onto his sanity, or leading his friends to safety will end in failure and may rip his friendship with Eirena apart, forever. Time is slipping away and the possibility of losing his friend is not an option, but the foe that awaits them may be worse than the one they left.


Here's the book trailer:

NOW FOR another adventure!

Get your running shoes ready! Crocodile hunter's got nothing on C. Lee's new Middle Grade adventure Alligators Overhead!

Alligators, witches and a spooky mansion aren't your average neighbors unless you live at the edge of the Ornofree swamp in the backwater town of Hadleyville. The town’s bad boy, Pete Riley, may only be twelve, but he’s up to his eyeballs in big trouble, and this time he isn’t the cause. This time the trouble arrives when a legendary hundred-year-old mansion, materializes next door and the Ornofree alligators declare war to save their swamp from bulldozers. Things only get worse when Pete’s guardian aunt and several of her close friends vanish while trying to restore order using outdated witchcraft. Now Pete must find his aunt and stop the war. He might stand a chance if his one friend, Weasel, sticks with him, but even then, they may not have what it takes.

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SA Larsenッ said...

Who could forget about you, LM? :)

And YAY! for C.Lee. She's amazing. I'm falling more and more in love with writing MG everyday.

LM Preston said...

Thanks Sheri!

Kelly Hashway said...

I love a good middle grade read. :)

Lisa Orchard said...

Looks like a great series! Here's wishing you a lot of luck and lots of sales! :)

J.L. Campbell said...

Hi, LM,
Haven't read Lee's book yet, but I'll get there. Your series sound like exciting reads.

Angela Ackerman said...

I have Lee's book and can't wait to read it! I swear I am taking all of November and devouring all the books piling up on my ereader, lol.