Friday, September 17, 2010


My True Blood addiction has captured my husband and several of my friends. This show is definitely not for teenagers. It’s hot, bloody, risky, sensual, gritty…and so much more. It deals with some taboo topics, werewolves, shape shifters, witches, Christians depicted as zealots, vamps, and demons. Lots and lots of blood. I have to admit though, season two didn’t meet my expectations. Season 3 though, had us biting nails until the next episode. Unfortunately, the last episode ended kinda…just okay, but left enough loose ends for me to definitely want to tune in next season.

Vampire Diaries, is definitely more palatable for the younger upper teen generation. Rarely any brutal violence, lots of intrigue, mystery, light intimate scenes. I’m looking forward to this season also, since there are some cliffhangers from the last season finale. The love triangle here is rather interesting, although the end of the last season seemed unrealistic. Like, c’mon, how can the fake Elaina get past Damon who is also a vampire who can tell the difference between a human and a vamp?

So do you watch these paranormal shows? Are you hooked on the love triangles within them…do you secretly yearn for the ‘bad boy’ in the group?


salarsenッ said...

I've just started taping the episodes. I'll have to get the back issues, though. I love stuff like this, but find it hard to commit to a show with the kids schedules.

Jessie said...

Totally hooked on True Blood, but agree the season finale was just okay. Not sure how I feel about Sam being a "bad boy" or some of the other deviations from the books. Anyway, it's really the only show I watch, so I'll be back next season!

Anonymous said...

I love both shows! This season of The Vampire Diaries is already shaping up to be great.

E.J. Wesley said...

My wife got me started on True Blood, and i confess that I love it just as much as she does!

Have you read the books?? They're even better than the show!